My Journey: Body Confidence/Self Love

Body confidence, it’s two words that get thrown around a lot, which I think is a good thing. Social media today is so powerful and discussing subjects like this is more of a ‘thing’ nowadays, which is great. Things like self love need to be discussed and out in the open, because I know for sure in the future when I have kids I want them to be able to speak openly about this and not shy away from it.

I am going to put my perspective out there and in no way am I saying this is wrong or right, and I personally have not fully understood or completed my self love/body confidence journey, but I’m getting there…

BODY CONFIDENCE: To feel comfortable in your skin. To rule a perception of yourself that fully trade marks who you are. To feel happy about the things that make you unique and quirky.

SELF-LOVE: Regard to ones well-being and happiness both physically and mentally.


I’ll paint a picture in your head to start off with to show you where I have come. From a very young age I have always been very skinny and very tall. Lanky is the word that was used throughout the years of my education (severe bullying about my body and image). By the time I left school I was 16 and went into full time employment, still not having fully grown into my body, I still had no boobs, no bum, no hips, I was a size 6, loving life and I thought that was how I was going to stay.

By around 18 I had grown DD boobs, filled out in my thighs and what feels like overnight grown very wide hips. It was a drastic change in my body shape which I guess you could understand was very hard to come to terms with and understand and feel comfortable in. I had questioned myself time and time again, have I put on a load of weight? What have I done to make my body do this? And OMG.. where did these boobs come from?

If I’m honest I felt pissed off, I was used to this very slender physique and now needing to buy bigger sized clothing and even change my style annoyed the hell out of me.

By this point I had just started blogging which I must say really helped, it bought me out my comfort zone and got me to experiment with what suits my body shape and what doesn’t. Feeling fully enticed with the whole fashion community/industry I thought I would trade mark what is rightfully mine and own it. I’m not like anyone else just like you reading this now aren’t like anyone else either. We all have our wobbly bits, the parts we wished where smaller/bigger/more toned/less muscly but thats what makes you, you. So own it.

I watched a video one day from a women called Ashley Graham, I’ll link it here for anyone thats interested and that women completely changed my thought process and mentality. It moved me and inspired me and motivated me to spread the message of self love and body confidence which to this day is why I am so passionate about it. Girl, if you wanna go wear that bikini then go wear it, don’t take no notice about whats other say or think about you because people who have the time to be hating on someone else they don’t even know, have issues of their own they need to sort out.


Where I am now:

So almost 3 years later from 18 and I have finally come to terms with my body, why should I being hating on something I’ve got when its part of me and I should own it. Self-love is something extremely personal which no one can teach you. It’s something that you have to mentally indulge in and find your way round of. I haven’t completed my journey of body confidence and self love, and if I’m honest I don’t think any of us always feel 100%. Body confidence ultimately is a feeling that comes from the inside out and it’s based solely on your own perspective.

“That bulge on your hips, not only is it okay, but it’s gonna change the world someday” – Ashley Graham.



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