5 Winter Coats you need this Season

With the UK’s colder months in full swing we are all now faced with the challenge of continuous layering and collecting an endless supply of hats, scarves and gloves to make sure we don’t freeze as the British temperature plummets.

Coats/jackets are one thing I look forward to in winter. A coat brings an outfit together, being a fashion blogger, during this season when trying to put a look together I always pick out my jacket first because all the other items seem to piece together with it. You would of seen (if you haven’t been living under a rock) brands were and still are bombarding us with new, trendy designs for this winter, from faux fur coats to longline jackets, I wanted to share my top 5 coats with you that I feel you need this winter (whether that be to keep you warm or just to keep up with this seasons trends).


The Classic Camel:

This is a very new addition to my wardrobe. Believe it or not, I have never owned a jacket like this but I have always loved the way they look. The tailored fit keeps it chic and dresses up every outfit, I can see myself wearing this throughout winter with some heeled booties to keep comfy on a day to day basis or some high heels for when a more dressier occasion arrises. In the photo I paired this with my not so basic River Island jeans which have gorgeous pearl and diamond embellishments which you have probably heard me talking about on my Instagram or in another blog post. To go with this I threw on a comfy plain white tee (playing it safe), and my NewLook brown boots which I have fallen in love with this season. When I was searching for a jacket like this, I was adamant that I wanted the classic brown buttons down each side, I feel like this pulls the whole tailored look together and keeps it looking very chic.


The Faux Fur:

My goodness, faux fur coats have been the absolute craze this year, I don’t think I can scroll through my Instagram feed without seeing at least one person showcasing the pretty jacket. Again, a new addition to my wardrobe this year as I have never been one to lean towards faux fur jackets but now that I own one, I can’t seem to stop wearing it. I went for the boring option and picked black, only because I can wear it with almost everything and it keeps it very versatile, but I have seen so many online retailers have them in almost every colour, so you are definitely spoilt for choice. This one I’m wearing is from isawitfirst and I am completely smitten with it. The faux fur is super soft to the touch and I love that this is a longer lined coat so it covers my bum, giving me that extra warmth that I need being in the UK. My favourite thing on this piece is the massive collar around the neck which you can either fold over to make it look very chic, or have unfolded which gives it that very oversized feel, which I personally love.


The Longline Coat:

I am sucker for camel coloured coats, something about them makes me feel super sassy and put together, not to mention they are so easy to style. This one is from Missguided which I bought back last year in their winter sale from the tall section, I absolute adore it. The double breasted collar and the pockets either side make this a staple in my wardrobe. Again, I like to style this one for a more dressier occasion, so paired with my black leather boots and some wet looking jeans, it’s the perfect combination of smart meets casual. The longer line jackets keep me extra warm as it makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a rug but finding one that was actually long enough for me was fab!!


The Leather Lover:

You can never go wrong with the iconic black leather jacket can you? This is one I purchased from River Island I think roughly around 3 years ago but still to this day they sell something very similar as it is a style that has stuck around. This one was around £90 so has certainly done me well for how much wear I have got out of it. I absolutely adore the different textures this jacket has to offer as it makes it slightly different to your standard plain, black leather coat. The suede panelling on the arms mixed with the leather body, cream faux fur on the inside to give you that extra warmth and the silver buckles all seem to perfectly intertwine and look super chic.

The Cozy Teddy Bear Jacket

I have seen this trend absolutely everywhere but was struggling for a while to find the ‘perfect’ teddy bear jacket that suited me. So when Missguided dropped their massive collection of teddy coats in every colour you could think of, you bet I snapped one up quickly. I used to own a jacket just like this when I was little and remember being distraught when it didn’t fit me anymore!! I love the oversize feel of this jacket and the shaggy material is super cozy, it really does make you feel like a teddy bear. I opted for the original brown/camel colour because I thought it was classic, and I don’t think I’m brave enough to rock a bright red jacket (just yet). It’s definitely one of my favourite pieces I’ve added to my wardrobe.




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