Winter Warmers with New Look

Who has had their first snow day? If your from the UK reading this then you most likely have as we were lucky enough to be surprised to a thick blanket of snow covering most of the country on Sunday morning.. *this makes me very excited!! Hoping it stays until Christmas because what is more magical than having a white Christmas?

We all know when this time of year comes around the temperature plummets meaning we need to drag our huge coats out from the back of our wardrobes so we don’t freeze to death!! I know especially around Christmas, things can start looking pretty expensive and some brands try and charge you an arm and a leg just to keep you warm this season.. *not my style. NewLook however, never fail to amaze me with their seasonal pieces and for the price it is hard to say no, (or if your me, go into store and buy one of everything).


How beautiful is this coat though? Faux fur has been one of the biggest trends this year especially towards the autumn/winter seasons. I have seen it everywhere but it can be so difficult to find a brand that does good quality faux fur for a reasonable price, you see some lovely jackets online but once they arrive your disappointed with the quality and the material can feel actually quite tacky (I’ve had this issue before!!) I think I have finally found my perfect coat, staying with the trend this year of faux fur and including the iconic animal print which is always so classic, NewLook have pulled it out the bag with this stunning piece, keeping me super warm and cozy whilst still looking good *now that’s what I’m all about.


What I love most about this jacket is the style, an oversized fit keeps it super cozy and also allows you to apply layer after layer of vests, tops and jumpers to stay warm in the snow whilst still fitting you perfectly and flattering your shape. The collar is my favourite part on this faux fur number, if you know me personally then you would know I love a huge oversized collar that I can pin up, I love being able to snuggle my head into the collar keeping the majority of my face warm and feeling as snug as a bug in a rug!!

If I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, I have never really been a fan of animal print let alone leopard print.. but this coat portrays the classic design in such a subtle way I think it looks super cool and has made me become quite fond of it now. I am totally smitten with the two tones that run throughout the faux fur keeping it from looking flat and different from any other ordinary jacket.


Pairing this jacket with a plain pair of jeans *standard in the winter time, a nice cozy jumper and some boots and a bobble hat *also from NewLook I was ready for a day out in the snow filled with snowball fights, building snowmen and trying to get the perfect Instagram snap #bloggerlife!! You can purchase your new winter coat on NewLook’s website here.

I have loved NewLook for many years, I remember my mum taking me into our local store when I was around 11 being able to pick up a size 6 clothing item from the women’s clothing line and I remember feeling like such an adult *those were the days. It’s a place I always go back to when I am needing some staples in my wardrobe that I don’t want to pay over the odds for. From faux fur jackets to tailored coats they are slaying it with their winter collection this year.



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Faux Fur Jacket: NewLook
Bobble Hat: NewLook
This post is kindly sponsored by NewLook however all opinions remain my own.

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