The Pressures of Social Media and why we need to slow down sometimes 

Truth be told, I’m sat here writing this blog post after having one of crappiest weeks.. you know one of them weeks where you feel like anything and everything has gone wrong in some sort of way and you have felt pressure from every aspect of your life, work life, home life, friendship groups, and especially social media.

Social media can be a great thing, keeping in contact with the people you love, displaying a certain image over different platforms, and sharing your life, but on the flip side, it can also be soul destroying. I know you’ve probably heard a million people moan about this issue and having heard people say, ‘well if you don’t like it, why are you on it?’ I know, I know.. I’m a blogger and I basically plaster my whole life over social media. Yes, I do have a certain image I ‘try‘ keep up with, and yes, I do have a certain way I edit my Instagram pictures, and yes, I do like my feed to be consistent to grow on my media channels, but sometimes it all gets too much and the pressure unfolds into something that makes you question yourself and your integrity.


Am I worthy? This is a question I keep asking myself a lot. The term ‘social media is all smoke and mirrors‘ is easy to say but very difficult to digest. I tell myself this everyday, because lets be honest, its true. It’s choosing a platform, a specific audience, a ‘perfect‘ picture, a caption and waiting for the likes and comments to roll in, which somehow makes you feel worthy? I can put my hand up and say when I’ve reached a certain amount of likes on a photo I feel happy, and when I don’t, again I question myself, what did I do wrong? Was my photo not good enough? Oh no, do I look ugly in this shot? Thoughts build up in my mind and equate to me demoralising my work, which can be hard to conquer at times.


Social media can cause a lot of self doubt, mentally and physically. This happens to me a lot. I am not one of those skinny models, I am a normal girl who scrolls through her Instagram feed and stops and stares at that gorgeous woman in her bikini in Bali looking  extremely slender and well built and a reoccurring thought springs to mind.. ‘god, I shouldn’t of had that takeaway the other night‘ Why? Because I could look like her. No shade or hate on these woman, because they obviously do it for their job, but sometimes it can cause you to feel unaccepted in the ‘media world‘ especially when that sort of body image is deemed as ‘perfect‘. I recently ‘cleansed‘ my Instagram, I felt like I followed certain people because everyone else was, or everyone was talking about them. I done this because I wasn’t enjoying their content, so I unfollowed people that I felt like were quite negative throughout the platform or didn’t give off a good vibe. This was a way I wanted to slow down my social media.

Being a fashion blogger, it is an extremely fast moving and consistent industry and this is something I’ve really struggled to wrap my head around recently. Seeing not only bigger influencers who do it as a job, but people your friendly with through their platforms buying different outfits every single day to shoot blog posts or Instagram content and it baffles me how they do it. I got to a point where I burnt myself out and tried overly hard to please my feed (which it shouldn’t be like). Where do people get all the money to buy these gorgeous ‘new in‘ outfits and where do they get the time to be creating all this content? It’s something that runs through my mind constantly and I’m hoping I’m not the only one. Fashion is forever moving and changing at such a vast pace that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with it, so being a fashion blogger that makes me feel like I’m failing.

I started looking into bloggers/influencers who dedicate a lot of their time into recycling fashion and finding gems in charity shops and thrifting clothing pieces, this is something that recently has helped me so much!! It’s helped me to style more outfits by recycling old pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and make it feel and seem like a whole new outfit. I’ve come to the conclusion that pressuring myself to post a new outfit every single day is, 1. just going to stress me out, and 2. it’s not realistic. I’ve always said I have wanted to remain down to earth and ‘real‘ with my audience, so why am I going to post content that isn’t believable, I’m not.. and thats another factor of slowing down social media.


Growth. It’s something we all want to see and most of us don’t get to see as quickly as we would like. It may feel like your working a million miles per hour and trying to get as much content out there as possible with your 30 hashtag quota to boost the likes and having your fingers crossed that you gain a few followers from that one post, but sorry hunny, it doesn’t work like that.. unfortunately. I’ve felt like I’ve been growing my 3,500 followers on Instagram since forever and yes it can be disheartening at times when you don’t get back what you put in. Again this is why I’ve chosen to slow down my media, I’ve found during this time that quality is worth a lot more than quantity.


Taking small actions to help reinstate your mind and find yourself again helps massively. I don’t want to be creating content or forcing myself to produce certain content just because I feel the pressures from social media. This post was not to throw shade at social media because I love the tool and the things that can come out of it is amazing, but just to  remind you, don’t be creating content that you don’t like because you feel like you need to post certain things to fit in, don’t give into the pressure of social media because individuality is worth a lot more.





13 thoughts on “The Pressures of Social Media and why we need to slow down sometimes 

  1. I freaking loved this post! Literally everything you mentioned is spot on. Social media puts so much pressure on people to be ‘perfect’ constantly especially in the blogging community. What it comes down to is we are all perfect in own unique way, likes; comments; follows or shares don’t define us or our worth. Posts like this are so important to show people we are real people behind the poses, filters & flatlays. You have amazing style girl (I’m jealous!) you keep doing you! -xo

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    1. Thank you so much girl, your support means everything and it’s things like this that we as woman need to remember to support eachother!! I wanted to keep this raw but feel negative and include certain little actions I’ve taken myself to help me along the way to feel better in social media❤️ you keep being you babe your doing amazing as well xx


  2. This is such an honest and truthful post! Social media really does put pressure on you to live a perfect life, Christ when I was buying my first house my head was going no can’t get that one, it’s not instagrammable enough! Sometimes it is exhausting keeping up the lifestyle and affording all the new clothes or beauty products!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

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  3. WOW! What a great post Paige. Honestly my heart aches that we as fashion bloggers (or any blogger for that matter) feel so pressured on social media. We should try and not concentrate so much on numbers and just have fun with what we do. When you take away the pressure from focusing so much on social media growth it lets you really enjoy every aspect of it. It is hard to not compare yourself to others but you also need to remember we’re all on different paths and eventually with motivation and hard work we will get there in the end. Don’t forget to enjoy your journey babe because you’re amazing, you are good enough and you have a lot of talent 🙂 xxx Imogen

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    1. You are the sweetest thing.. I 100% agree with you!! Blogging should be more focused on the fun and individuality of every single woman or man doing what they love, seeing passion in people who love what they do is inspiring and totally shouldn’t come down to figures of likes or followers!! You do you boo, your doing amazing too girl💖💖


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