Top Instagram spots in London for Bloggers

Being in the blogging community for a while now, I understand completely how difficult it is sometimes to get the perfect picture, whether your advertising a piece of clothing or just wanting some cute fashion snaps for your Instagram. It can a daunting task when your vigorously scrolling through your feed seeing all these beautiful pictures and wondering where people find these stunning places (yep, that was me about a year ago), so I am hope I am answering some of your prayers putting this post together. These are my top 5 Instagram spots in London for Bloggers.


South Kensington:

I know if your reading this post you’ve always wondered where those girls find those pretty houses in London where you go and stand on a strangers doorstep and pose for the camera (I do always wonder if anyone has got caught doing that?) South Kensington is stunning!! Endless rows and rows of elegant white houses with the movie like pillars that make Instagram scream YAAASSS!! Personally, I always love to plan outfits to shoot with the location in mind, for example.. If I were to be shooting an outfit in South Kensington it would most likely be quite a classy outfit, maybe a dress and some heels, or a nice shirt with some jeans and smart shoes, I feel like it brings the whole outfit together and the picture to life.


Peggy’s Porschen Cakes:

You have most likely seen this place all over Instagram, but no one seems to get bored of the pretty pink palace filled with cakes on their feed. It is an iconic spot, especially for bloggers. No doubt when visiting you will see people stood outside taking photos because you have to admit it is extremely photogenic. Peggy’s is a place that is still on my go to list but knowing a few girls that have shot outfits there, I have only heard good things.



I love Shoreditch, its great for cooky bars, banging street food and unique boutiques, but is the perfect place if your into your ‘grungy‘ side. As I mentioned before, I dress for the location, so as you can see from the picture above I went for a distressed denim skirt and baggy tee which I thought screamed grunge. Shoreditch not only has to offer great street art including graffiti and stickers up almost every wall but they have some really cool bars which you can get some awesome snaps in.



When I think of Westminster the first thing that comes to mind is politics and the house of commons, but don’t be fooled, this is a great place for photos. I stumbled across this area around the house of commons when going to an event near by a while ago. Westminster has some gorgeous buildings dotted around the whole area. You’ve got to remember in this part of London it is very ‘posh‘ in the sense that if work buildings are going to be situated here they have to look nice. I am a girl who very much loves her white backgrounds and marble stairs and this part of London that does not disappoint. It’s a little hidden blogger gem.


Notting Hill:

The beautiful part of London filled with coloured houses and stunning cafes. This place makes me so happy as it is just so bright and colourful. The great thing about Notting Hill is not only does it offer you beautiful outfit photos, but taking pictures of the houses or cafes alone make for great fillers on your Instagram page (yes, I’m letting you all into my little secrets of cheating in the gram world, don’t tell anyone). Again, the black and white contrast on the railings and the walls make for great pictures even if you try and stick to a strict theme on your feed, its a continuous road of pure perfection.




Disclaimer: Not all photos that have been used in this blog post belong to me, some have been taken from







12 thoughts on “Top Instagram spots in London for Bloggers

  1. Loved this post!! I have a couple of these already on my go-to places to visit like Peggy Porschen & Shoreditch but I’ve added the rest to it too. Can’t wait to go down to London next! xx

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