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I am the first to admit I am a face mask junkie, there is no helping myself. Whenever I see a new face mask launch I am one of the first people to be scanning the isles to look for it. What I love most about this type of product is it can be used whenever you want, you don’t have to keep up with a set routine like skin care. Personally, I tend to use face masks when my skin is feeling and looking less ‘well’, that can either be after a night out, when I’ve been breaking out really badly or just when I have some spare time on my hands and actually remember I have about 50 sat on my shelves that I could pop on my face to give my skin an extra boost.

Face masks are great because a lot of them are for targeted areas of your skin or for a specific issue, whether that be dryness, dullness, oiliness or breakouts. That being said, I can understand that for maybe a first timer of face masks or someone who gets a little overwhelmed with such variety different stores offer, I thought this post might be helpful for you as these are some of my absolute favourites that I will forever repurchase.


Peeling masks are an ultimate favourite of mine, most of them you will find they are used for detoxifying the skin and helping with breakouts. My First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask is one I have been using for a few years, and this is one where I see results almost instantly. This is such a good product for clearing my skin and making it feel fresh again whilst tackling the spots I have at the time. One thing I will point out is it is pretty messy as the consistency of it is very thick and it also looks like you’ve smothered tomato ketchup on your face as it is red.. haha.

You’ve probably heard me mention this brand before on my blog in my recent Skin Saviours post, but Liz Earle has got to be a winner for me!! If you didn’t know, I have very dry skin so it is always in need for a moisture boost whenever it can get it. I cannot explain how amazing the Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask is.. this is a cream consistency which glides onto your skin with no fuss, what I love about this mask the most is when you start to put it onto your face it is a white colour which then starts to fade in the places your skin is basically ‘drinking’ it up as that’s where you are most dry which I think is such a cool concept. When taking this off with a wet cloth my skin instantly feels re balanced and the moisture has been replenished back into my skin.


Sheet masks are great, they are a quick fix treatment for your skin when maybe you haven’t got the time in your schedule to sit there for half an hour waiting for a mask to dry. These are some of my favourites that I have been enjoying recently. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is great for dry skin girls out there like me, it is quick and easy and your skin feels a lot more hydrated afterwards. As for my charcoal masks, as I have quite the collection, these are great for pulling out those stubborn blackheads that hide in your skin (I know, its gross, but true) I find them oddly satisfying and my Masque Bar and Sephora ones seems to do the job great.


Leaving my favourites until last. GlamGlow is a brand which not so long ago hit the shelves of John Lewis and Debenhams in the UK and I couldn’t be happier about it. After spending hours of watching American YouTubers rave about this brand, I was quickly down to the stores to try them for myself. Even though the big £40 price tag can be a little daunting I will happily be the one to tell you they have worked wonders for my skin. I currently own the Hydrating mask and the Flashmud brightening/exfoliating mask which both smell amazing!! These haven’t failed me once and after every use my skin is craving for me to use them again. The are genuinely products that do exactly what they promise on the packaging.



13 thoughts on “Skin TLC

  1. Have wanted to pick up some bits from Masque Bar for agesss and that peel-off one sounds so nice! I love GlamGlow masks too – they’re worth the £40 even if you do gasp a bit when handing over your card! xx

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  2. I really like the sound of the First Aid Beauty mask! I’ve tried a few of their products before and was really pleased so I imagine the face mask would be good too. My favourite type of mask is a sheeet mask usually though as they’re less fuss haha xxx

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