Parisian Street Style

I returned to one of my favourite cities last week.. Paris, the city renowned for its beautiful architecture, historic monuments and their iconic fashion. There’s something about the Parisian air which always seems to draw me back, having this been the 3rd time returning to this stunning area I took it upon myself to up my style game and ‘try’ to blend in with the high flying stylists that walk the streets of Paris.


FullSizeRender 89

Denim Skirts are iconic and can be paired with virtually anything. I was obviously feeling the sporty vibes on my first day with this gorgeous PrettyLittleThing number. The raw hem to the skirt gives it that edginess I like in an outfit and paired with this shoulder black knit crop top I feel this sections the outfit and lets each piece do its own thing.

Is a picture of me even complete without my Gucci belt? I bloody love this thing, ever since receiving it as a birthday gift I have worn it with E V E R Y T H I N G. Keeping with the blue and black theme I paired this casual and chic look with my classic Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel. This outfit was not only comfortable but I felt super confident in it.


FullSizeRender 90

Now this was an outfit that definitely turned heads (I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing?) Pink has always been a colour I’ve been extremely fond of, and now with the rose gold trend going around it seems to be all the craze nowadays. My rose metallic pleated midi skirt was definitely at centre stage when I put this outfit together, the sheen in sun was beautiful and paired with my pink fluffy heels and bag to match is a match made in heaven in my books.

FullSizeRender 88

If I’m honest, this was the first time I tried a midi skirt on, I was always worried they were an awkward length, but finishing at the middle of my shin made it the perfect, modest length which elongated my legs even more with my high heels, very flattering!!


FullSizeRender 79

How damn beautiful are these? Popper trousers have seemed to of made a return in the fashion industry and I am not mad at it at all!! This outfit it right up my street. More of an evening attire (as I wore this out to dinner) I felt extremely classy and put together. The contrasting red and white strip down the outside of the leg bought that different look to a plain wide legged pair of trousers and the gold popper detail is gorgeous.

FullSizeRender 78

I have seen a lot of popper trousers recently on all kinds of different retail websites, the one thing that pulled me in to purchase these is 1. they are super thick and can be worn in the winter very easily as they keep you mega warm, and 2. the poppers stop just above your knee and the others are there as an eye-catching detail, this was something I was grateful for as I always thought the poppers might come undone when sitting down (big ass problems).

FullSizeRender 77

Paired with a stunning pair of ruffle detail black statement heels and a ruffle crop top to match, this was by far one of my favourite outfits and I really did feel like a million bucks in this. I have to admit, stepping out of my comfort zone and actually wearing something like this in public did make me feel nervous but confidence comes from within, if you feel great you will look great!!



Shop this post:

Denim Skirt: PrettyLittleThing

Black Crop Knit: PrettyLittleThing

Belt: Gucci

Black Bag: Michael Kors

Midi Skirt: New Look (similar)

Pink Bag: Missy Empire

Popper Trousers: Zara

Black Crop Top: Missy Empire

Black Heels: Miss Pap 


12 thoughts on “Parisian Street Style

  1. I wow I absolutely love your outfits!! Those pink fluffy feels are so cute and those popper trousers look so classy! They look really great paired with those heels, I’ll have to try and recreate your look!
    My sister lived in Paris this summer and had the best time, she said loads of people were well dressed so you obviously fitted in perfectly!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    Liked by 1 person

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