Boost of Hydration with Revuele

Now these products just scream my name.. as some of you may know I have extremely dry skin and I will never pass on an opportunity to try some new skin care which targets exactly that. So, when I was approached by Revuele and asked to try some of their skin enhancing range, I thought why not!! Now, I am someone who sticks to what they know and has my set routine of ‘holy grail‘ products that I use religiously, but these products promised me intense hydration and extreme moisturisation, and my god they delivered.

Generally on a day to day basis I use either my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream or my Liz Earle moisturisers, the past week or so after receiving these beautifully packaged goods I have switched it up a little and have been using the Revuele Bioactive V-shape Day Cream. Now, the word ‘day’ cream slightly put me off as I like a thick layer of moisture on my face before putting any type of makeup on my skin (as I do tend to wear matte foundations). This cream made me eat my words and turned out to be one of the most hydrating products I have ever use on my skin. Most of the time my skin tends to drink up a moisturiser within minutes of putting it on (yes, my skin is that dry) but this was different, and it took my skin a good few hours to properly soak it in which I personally love.

FullSizeRender 53

The bioactive cream contains peptides which are used to help create a thicker and stronger skin base and it also has multiple anti ageing properties in it too, (I know I’m only 20, but its never too early to start, right?) The moisturiser is proven to simulate the regeneration of phytoblasts (cells of skin tissue), improve your blood circulation and collagen production, basically a miracle in a jar!!

FullSizeRender 52

Gel eye patches have always been something I’ve been so interested in, but have never tried. The feeling of having something so cooling under the eyes is actually quite pleasing and is such a nice feeling after waking up and need a little pick me up. These deep hydrating gel patches are infused with Argan oil for a major skin boost. I sat with these under the eyes for around 15 minutes and the skin instantly felt refreshed. If you have read my Skin Saviours blog post then you would of heard me talk about how I suffer with dry under eyes and how that can sometimes effect the way my concealer sits on my skin, I honestly think these have really helped me the past week as my concealer doesn’t seem to crease as much and looks a lot more flawless.

FullSizeRender 54

An Argan oil eye cream? I know right, I thought it was a weird thing too!! Whenever I think of Argan oil I instantly think of hair products, being a (bleached) blonde, argan oil is always a saviour to the my ends of my hair, but in an eye cream, I’ve never heard that!! After using this I want all my products to include this luscious oil, this has more than likely worked hand in hand with the gel eye patches and once again it feels so extremely soothing on the skin. The under eyes being so delicate, it is so vital you take care of that area of the skin as it is the main part of skin that tends to start ageing first. My skin instantly feels more plump, moisturised and toned. The easy access squeeze tube is a dream to work with and what I love the most is you can control how much you need.

Let me know your favourite hydrating skin care products!!





You can shop the Revuele range here

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these products to review however, this does not influence my opinion whatsoever and all opinions expressed in this blog post are completely my own. 

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