Tanning 101

Now, I am all for embracing and loving the skin your in, however if you are naturally pale like me then you understand my struggle when the warmer months come around and everyone starts to develop that gorgeous summer tan and you are layering the factor 50+ suncream just to make sure you don’t turn into that red lobster (which usually happens anyways..). I am a complete sucker for fake tan, if I’m going to be honest with you all, I fake tan every week just so I can keep my summer ‘glow’ all year round. It is something that makes me feel so much more confident, so why the hell not do it?


If you haven’t guessed already my holy grail fake tanner is Bondi Sands, this is a company I have been using religiously for way over a year since they launched in the UK. Bondi Sands are an Australian based company which not so long ago came to the UK with their amazing range of instant tanners, gradual tanners and accessories to go with. When discovering the brand as soon as they launched in my local Superdrug I started using their Self Tanning Lotion and Foam in dark as I love to look extra sun kissed, until earlier on this year they finally bought their iconic ‘Ultra Dark’ foam which me being me, I jumped straight onto that band wagon and haven’t looked back!! This tan is one I don’t ever think I will turn back on, the foam dries almost instantly, I do have to admit it does leave a slight residue but lets be honest, doesn’t every tanning product? But it is not uncomfortable in the slightest.

FullSizeRender 3

Before application it is so important to exfoliate, I cannot stress to how important this step is, this creates an even texture on your skin so the foam will not grab onto any dry patches and it also helps removing that little bit of left over tan you have had on the past week. The best way to exfoliate I have found is the £1 Primark exfoliating gloves, these are honestly a life saver and help with the process massively.

Once you have an even base for your tan to sit on I use my trusty Soap and Glory body butter, I tend to place this on the areas of my body that the tan may rub off the quickest or the driest parts of my skin, so usually this is my elbows, knees, underarms, feet and hands. This step also helps with the tan not clinging onto your hands and feet creating that ‘tango’ effect.

FullSizeRender 5

I apply my tan using a self-tanning mitt just to make sure my hands don’t get covered with the product and to also give an even application. I always tan overnight, so I generally put my tan on at around 6pm in the evening and sleep init to let it develop throughout the night, which I personally find a lot nicer so I don’t feel tacky during the day. The best thing about Bondi Sands is that it honestly is like waking up as a glowing goddess, my tan is ultra dark (just how I like it) and looks beautiful. In the morning I shower off the residue of the tan that is left on my skin and you are left with stunning, sun kissed skin which for me lasts for around a week.

FullSizeRender 2

Maintaining this tan is fairly easy, I tend to use the same Soap and Glory body butter and make sure to moisturise my whole body around 4 times a week just to keep it looking even and hydrated. Foam tanning products do have the tendency to dry out your skin so this is really important to do as it does make the tan last a lot longer.

Let me know some of your fake tanning tips below.




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