Urban Decay Naked Skin ShapeShifter Palette

A new addition to the Naked collection, Urban Decay are seriously bringing out all the stops this summer and this palette is no exception. When I first saw that Urban Decay were branching out and creating a contour and highlight palette, I felt like my prayers had been answered.


Myself, I like a strong contour and highlight, so creams and powders are something I tend to use on a daily basis (unless I’m feeling extra lazy). The double sided compact makes it super fun and easy to do this step all in one. The palette is priced at £39.50, your standard Urban Decay Naked price. If I am honest, in the past I have been rather skeptical on spending my cash on their palettes as I feel some are hit and miss. Being an owner of all the Naked eyeshadows I am sometimes discouraged on their pigmentation and blend-ability however, for their first ‘base’ palette they have totally hit the nail on the head.


The product includes a trio of sides, firstly containing 4 powders, one bronzer, one grey toned contour shade, a yellow based setting powder and a stunning highlight. The second side includes 5 cream based shades, one contour shade, a concealer, a highlight and two ‘colour correcting’ creams. Fortunately, I don’t suffer with an extreme amount of uneven skin tone however, I would totally use the two colour correcting shades as cream blushes, I think they would look beautiful in the summer and on holiday. They have ultimately thought of  E V E R Y T H I N G  for this launch.

As I have said in a previous blog post before, my day to day holy grail product for cream contouring is my Clinique Chubby Stick however, I do feel like this could take the lead. What I also love about this palette is that is so travel friendly, which is perfect for a globetrotter like me!! I hate having to pack so much makeup when I go away, you underestimate how much room and weight it takes up in your case and this product just makes it a lot easier to travel with. My contour, highlight and concealer all in one palette, GREAT!!


The 4 powder shades feel unbelievable, just like velvet, can we also please talk about that highlight, O M G!! I wish this palette had come out sooner, I would of looked like a glowing goddess in Tenerife. The creams also feel amazing, you know when buy a cream kit and the cream just feels nasty and hard and completely unblend-able, yeah, this one isn’t like that at all!! The creams blend to perfection and create such a delicate shadow under the cheek bones but are super build-able.

The packaging is gorgeous, two sets of products neatly packed away to ensure your creams and powders don’t mix whilst giving you a double sided mirror depending on your preference. They have again gone for the sturdy magnetic closure just like their most recent early release on the Heat Palette, which I personally love.

What’s your favourite Urban Decay palette, have you tried out this one?




You can shop the Urban Decay Skin ShapeShifter here:


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