Tenerife Beach Babe

I returned to my favourite island of all time last week, Tenerife!! My love for this place has massively grown since first visiting it last year on my summer holidays. The island most known for its continuous hot weather, iconic beaches and their wild party life.


Me, I’m not your typical teenager in the sense of wanting to constantly go out to the clubs and party until the sun rises. I am more of a granny at heart!! Me and boyfriend like to spend most of our time booking excursions, laying by the pool catching some rays (even though I have to wear factor 50 otherwise I’ll turn into a lobster) and making the most of our all inclusive buffet, YUM!!

I returned to the gorgeous Iberostar Bouganville Playa Hotel situated within Costa Adeje about a 5 minute walk from the famous Las Americas. The main thing that made me fall in love with this specific resort is the service, people and location, basically everything!!

The rooms are beautifully decorated and the cleaners service is perfection, it’s so lovely coming back from breakfast each morning to find the room spotless and your bed made, its the little things, you know!! The team at the hotel are absolutely brilliant, always trying to get everyone involved with the games and entertainment they provide virtually 24/7. And the food, O H   M Y   G O O D N E S S!! A constant assortment of different cultures food palettes, every night was different, it was incredible you could never get bored. Can you now see why I have returned and am looking to return again soon?


Alongside the amazing service at our hotel, me and my boyfriend like to venture out to quite a few different places and engage in a few activities. One of them being parasailing. I have always wanted to try parasailing but have always had that little voice in my head telling me I’m too nervous. I finally pushed myself and I am so glad I did. It was honestly one of the most amazing experiences, and surprisingly quite peaceful when your up in air together across the sea.


Who doesn’t like a good *competitive* game of crazy mini golf? Me and George take it to extremes to be able to hold the trophy of winning a game!! We played at the ViVo MiniGolf Centre in Santa Cruz and had so much fun!! p.s – I WON!!


The other great thing about Tenerife is you have such amazing little places to take blog pictures. One of my main focuses when I go away is try and up my game on my travel pictures (I know, I am still working when I am away) but when you have the opportunity to capture yourself in different surroundings you have to make the most of it. For reference, as I have had a few questions recently, all fashion photos are taken by my boyfriend – his Instagram (@georgetensmith). All photos can be found on my Instagram (@paigealiciabeauty).

IMG_3119FullSizeRender 5

Throughout the trip I was doing a little promo for a lovely brand called Pink Fashion Boutique – their Instagram (@pinkfashionboutique) featuring their stunning ‘Jenny Blouse’ – use the code ‘PAIGEALICIA10‘ to save some money at checkout my loves.

Overall, I had such an amazing time on my travels, let me know in the comments where you are going on holiday this year!!





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