How to run a Blog whilst working full time

Blogging for me has always been a hobby. Expressing my creative side is something I really enjoy doing, especially through the content I produce for both my blog and Youtube videos. So many ideas bubble away in my little head of mine and once I have an image of what I want something to look like, I immediately want to go out and do it. However, sometimes working full time can throw obstacles at you that might effect the consistency of your content, I wanted to share some tips with you that might give you that push to overcome these challenges.


Plan ahead: 

To run a successful Blog/Instagram/YouTube channel (whatever it is you create on) planning ahead is NEVER a bad idea. Working full time during the week can be extremely draining and getting home late in the evening leaves you with little time to start working on something new. I tend to plan ahead when I have a weekend completely free, so I can work to my hearts desire writing up blog posts, recording videos and shooting outfit pictures.

Break tasks down:

I don’t know about you but I have an endless to do list at work and have to multi-task wherever I can, its become second nature to me to be honest. It’s the same when I return home, an endless to do list of things I need to complete for my content, this can be from taking new Instagram pictures to having to edit a video for a brand I am working with and needing to meet a deadline. I’ve found breaking down tasks on my list to bite size pieces calms my mind and puts me at ease. This does require a lot of self discipline, and you’ve got to know when enough is enough in regards to work. You’ve always got to remember your brain needs a rest too. Breaking down certain tasks makes you realise that certain ones can wait and the others you can get cracking on with.


Don’t feel pressured to post everyday:

This is something I really struggled with at the start. When I first dived into the blogging community I felt the need to post everyday to keep people updated on everything I was doing, I beat myself up about this on a daily basis for not posting a certain amount of times on Instagram or Twitter, it can be so exhausting when you have numerous social media platforms, and your content and start to become so repetitive and slightly boring. Remember, ‘quality over quantity’ – Brands don’t show appreciation for bloggers/influencers for posting every single second of the day, quality content is what they look for and that’s what you will be rewarded for.

It’s okay to take a break:

Sometimes social media can be such a burden. Social media lets the person behind the profile display the life they want to portray, it may look like they’ve got everything together but in reality, they probably haven’t (including myself). There is so much strain and pressure on people nowadays to keep up with the constant in and out ‘trends’, so sometimes a break is fully needed. I struggled to accept this for a long time, I would feel bad for being absent and leaving my ‘followers’ without an explanation. The truth is, everyone takes a break at some point, whether it be to chill and relax without having to worry about constantly wracking your brain for new ideas or because of a creative block, it happens to the best of us, trust me.


Don’t give up:

My last and most important point. You may think it is the easiest thing to do at that point in time when confronting a challenge, but it only makes you better and stronger when powering on. Whether your issue is finding time, planning ideas or creating content, if you truly and throughly enjoy blogging then it will be something you will find time for.




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4 thoughts on “How to run a Blog whilst working full time

  1. Actually love this, I feel like over the last year my job has really taken over my “blogging time” but what I really wanted was to have time to get great pictures! Who takes your photographs for your blog? X

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