Sexy for less with Primark

Now, we all know Primark can do a banging Christmas jumper, don’t we? But when they came to releasing their ‘Bralette’ collection at the start of the year I don’t think I was the only one to say they were slightly swept off their feet.

Bralettes are great!! Super comfy and flirtatious at the same time, who doesn’t want to let their inner Victoria Secret Angel out? Without the price tag though!! I am all for finding cheaper alternatives for fashion pieces nowadays, trends come in and go out so fast its hard to keep up, not just me but my bank account feels the wrath of it too.


With these stunning sets at only £8 for the bralette and £3 for the pants, it’s hard to say no really. I am having to restrain myself every time I walk into the store. I find bralette’s so versatile, either chucked on under a sheer top or under a lightweight jumper, it adds that pop of colour or just brightens up a plain outfit.


The two I have picked up recently are these gorgeous embroidered sets. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the option to purchase the bottoms that came with the black bralette as they were slightly too risqué for me, I prefer my comfier pants, haha. But saying that, I do feel like my life is slightly together when I am wearing matching underwear, who else feels me?

Do you own any sets from Primark? Let me know which ones you would recommend me purchasing next!!



6 thoughts on “Sexy for less with Primark

  1. I’m really liking Primark’s undies range at the minute. I’ve bought a couple of bralets from them recently, they’re just so pretty and delicate, and it doesn’t matter if they get a bit ragged in the wash like most lacy things to because they’re really reasonably priced! I love their PJ s as well! xx

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