I left my heart in New York

If you knew me personally, then you would understand visiting New York has been a complete dream of mine that I never envisaged would happen. Now here I am, sat in my bed with a nice cuppa tea about to tell you all about the beautiful and amazing adventures I embarked on in the city that never sleeps.


There are countless of iconic places to visit in the big apple, once you think you have done them all, you stumble across something new. I spent 5 magical days here and feel extremely grateful to have experienced the many aspects of the city and to have seen some of the outstanding views New York has to offer.


How to get the most out of your trip: APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS.

From sitting in Central Park listening to the hustle and bustle of the city to stopping by a cute little coffee shop (you won’t have a problem there, you can’t go down one block without finding a StarBucks). The little things in life are the ones to take back with you.

As I was lucky enough to spend a whole working week in this place, I ventured out and made the most of the days I was there. I managed to catch sight of the dazzling views of the New York skyline (both night and day) at The Top of the Rock and also The Empire State Building. TIP: Purchase the ‘New York City Pass’ for all your site seeing and tourist attractions – $120 saving yourself a whopping $150 rather than buying individual tickets for each attraction. 



Of course, I took advantage of catching a glimpse of the main attraction in the city of dreams, Times Square – I stayed in The Sheraton Times Square Hotel on 7th Avenue within the location of extreme tourism and flashing billboard lights, it gave me a sense of life and certainly enhanced my creative mind.

911 Memorial and Museum was an attraction that was a top priority on my list. It’s an extremely touchy subject so I don’t want to ramble on for too long, but I would highly recommend taking some time out to learn about the terrible event and remember those involved. The museum was something I had never experienced before, who knew such an extraordinary building could hold such a huge amount of information, honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

IMG_2535IMG_2543 2IMG_2563

Let’s talk about FOOD!! One of my favourite topics obviously… I definitely took advantage of exploring the different flavours New York had to offer. Starting with $1 pizza, I know it sounds silly, right? But honestly, one of the best pizzas I have ever had (yes, I really did say that) I got to know that a lot of cuisines in the big apple were family owned which I found to be the best, TIP: Make sure to visit ‘Ray’s Pizza’ on 7th Avenue and “Ruby Tuesday’s” in Times Square. 




The atmosphere of a New York Yankees Game is unreal. YOU HAVE TO GO.



The best thing I can take from this trip is all the incredible memories I have made, especially experiencing it with the one I love.

IMG_2608 2




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